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-> SurveySavvy

-> Spidermetrix

-> Myhpf

-> WuTravel

-> Moneycosmos

-> E-Mail Pays U

-> ClixSense

-> Subvert and Profit

$100-$970 USD commission every time someone says 'yes'!

Huge savings on website hosting!


Free Paid Affiliate Programs

  • Bidvertiser:

    Bidvertiser is the second most famous ad provider to webmasters or bloggers.This is also same like Google adsense but there are few benefits of this program over Adsense.These are-Minimum threshold to get payment is only $10 and facility to get payment via Paypal also.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join Bidvertiser  Here

  • Linkshare:

    Linkshare is getting popular and having large collections of advertisement programs.This contains mostly product and can get good revenue if traffic is good at website or blog.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join Linkshare  Here

  • Oxado:

    Your web site can generate revenues by integrating advertising space. The contents of your pages get richer, and at the same time, you make a profit.Once you have signed up on-line with our simple forms, and for free, Oxado handles everything: relevance of ads, real time updates, automated managemeny.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join Oxado  Here

  • 1second:

    Your web site can generate revenues by integrating advertising space.Do you want to make money? Put Web Mega Search Box on your site and they'll pay you!We pay 50% for every click-through to a bidded listing.Place the Search Box on your site and earn!.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join 1second  Here

  • GetAFreelancer:

    GetAFreelancer.com will pay you a percentage of the fees they charge users you referred. You will earn 100% of all fees or commissions taken from the users. Tell your friends and make some money before they find this and signup without their help! The money will show in your account as soon as they received the payment for the service sold. You may withdraw this money at anytime you choose. There are many ways you can refer new members to our site. Please read instructions below carefully to find out which methods you can use.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join GetAFreelancer  Here

  • Forex-Affiliate:

    Forex-Affiliate.com is a world leading and highly paying Forex Affiliate Program. With our Affiliate Program you simply route your traffic to one or more of our partner Forex Trading Platforms (such as the Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform), and earn significant commissions for every new customer you refer.Under our commission programs you are paid flat fees for introducing referrals, and a share percentage of the revenue generated by your referrals. We call such program tracks CPA (commission per Active referral) and Rev-Share (Revenue Sharing). The commission per Forex revenues generated by the customers you send - will be paid continuously during the lifetime of the customer's account. It's a terrific way to monetize your existing customer base and traffic..If you have no website, you can get free domain and free web hosting services here, Click here .You can join Forex-Affiliate  Here

  • KeywordCountry:

    KeywordCountry has much higher conversion rates and they are proven. Checkout the Conversion rates here. They are working tirelessly to improve our conversion rates so that the traffic that you send to our website is profitable for you. AffiliateTracking.com (that KeywordCountry relies upon) is one of the most trusted Affiliate sales tracking used by trusted sites like WordTracker and trusted by Allan Gardyne of AssociatePrograms.com. They further ensure that they will take all the necessary steps to definitely give you credit for the potential visitors that you send to our site.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join KeywordCountry  Here

  • ReferBack:

    The ReferBack Affiliate program is free to join. Simply refer visitors to any of our casinos or poker rooms using banners, text links and other content that we provide, and earn commission, based on the players that you refer. We use a comprehensive cookie-based tracking system to ensure that you are credited for your referrals. It's very easy to become a partner of ReferBack.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join ReferBack  Here

  • AffiliateBot:

    Turn your website into a money-making machine! Leverage on your traffic to earn from the best campaigns and programs in the industry.They have also good collection of advertisement to advertise.This affiliate program is easy to join and will automatically approve.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join AffiliateBot  Here

  • pcdigital:

    PC Digital's referral system is easy to use. They will provide you with various text links and banner ad links you can place in your website, email, or wherever you'd like to put them. You do not need to learn anything technical.High Payout Want to be paid up to $70 for every sale you refer to them? All you have to do is send customers their way, and we will take care of the rest. It's simple. Just choose from their various text links/banner ad links and you're on your way to making money. In fact, they will give you a $10 affiliate commission for just signing up! You can join pcdigital  Here

  • WidgetBucks:

    WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help our customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Thus they are highly engaging, which means instant dollars for our customers. Our widgets see $3-$6 CPM — pretty good compared to traditional ad networks that deliver less than $2 CPM Features + Benefits.It has various widgets that suit any website and has good referral program that will monetize any website.You can join WidgetBucks  Here

  • Affiliace:

    Recently we have joined this affiliate progarm but it is really marvellous.It has near to 300 advertisers from pay per click to pay per sale and a lot of varieties that suit any website.Become a Affiliace Super Affiliate using the link or banner code below, and you can make 5.00% commissions on every approved Affiliate you refer to Affiliace!DirectTrack allows you to see the clicks, leads and sales you've generated in real-time.There are two basic ways that you can run campaigns on your website - either by using random banner rotation or by embedding a specific piece of creative (text or image) and the required html link.Payment is processed afetr minimum thresold.You can join Affiliace  Here

  • Absoluteagency:

    Absoluteagency is a social networking site/dating site .It is getting popular day by day and has google rank within 100 in social networking and dating site category.Nowaday,everyone becomes part of such a site.So,be ready to monetize your website. You can join Absoluteagency  Here

  • RevenuePilot:

    Attention Webmasters: Monetize your traffic. Get paid up to $2 for each unique click-through. No monthly limits, no conversion rates and no service charges. Receive your money by check or paypal anywhere in the world at no extra charge. RevenuePilot affiliates receive 60% of what advertisers pay RevenuePilot per each click. We provide you with various linking methods that allow you to link to our premiere pay per click network; therefore you get paid for each successful click-through that is generated by your site’s visitors.You can join RevenuePilot  Here

  • ProfitPeelers:

    Create a free account and gain access to promotional offers that you can advertise on your site. Publish offers by copying widgets onto your webpages, blog, authority site, adsense pages, etc. No coding necessary. When a visitor clicks and completes your offer, you get paid. It's as simple as that!! Refer as many people to ProfitPeelers as you can, because we're going to give you 10% of every penny they earn. You can join ProfitPeelers  Here


    This site provides attractive polls in your sites from which you can earn money. The name of this site is VIZU.COM. You will be paid on the basis of page per impression and page per action so it is eay to earn some good amount. You can join VIZU.COM  Here

  • Advertlets:

    This site has a very good targeted advertising and through the means of real time demographics profiling for your blog/website.They are using polls to get information about visitors. So, first of all only polls will be shown here and once they get the demographics, ads start showing up in that widget. Now advertisers operate via CPM. So you will be shown ads per CPM. Also you can earn money with CPC(Cost Per Click) OR PPC(Pay Per Click). You can join Advertlets  Here

  • Matched.co.uk:

    This site provides a gaurantee revenue for each ad block you keep on your blog/website.They provide you money even though there are no clicks. Sounds cool right? So generally this is a good opportunity for bloggers/webmasters who are having empty slots on their blog/website for advertising. You can either provide the ad on a particular page or on a complete blog/website.You can generate continuous revenue stream and for those who are maintaining a hosting service for their sites then this is absolutely fantastic coz you get your money regardless of clicks you get on that. Just dedicate an ad slot and get your money.You can join Matched.co.uk  Here

  • AdToll:

    This site is different when compared to other PPC sites. Here banner advertising is the method used. And here the main way of earning is by keeping a banner and then charging for the number of days you are keeping that banner.According to your page rank,you can bid for higher charge for a single ad at your web page but most ad will be based on game.Make money,earn 75% commissions.You can join AdToll  Here

  • AffiliateFuture:

    This site is very good having large number of advertisers ranging from pay per click to pay per sale. Refer an affiliate to AffiliateFuture and you will earn 5% of the commission they earn. Think about the returns! If somebody you signed up earns £10,000 in commissions in a month, you earn £500 simply for having referred them! It costs absolutely nothing and all you have to do is add banners or text links to your site. commissions.You can join AffiliateFuture  Here

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