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-> SurveySavvy

-> Spidermetrix

-> Myhpf

-> WuTravel

-> Moneycosmos

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-> ClixSense

-> Subvert and Profit

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The Great Australian Survey

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WhatDoYouThink.com.au - Turn Your Opinion Into Rewards!

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Free Paid Surveys

  • Planet Pulse:

    Planet Pulse is a community of survey respondents who dedicate valuable time in sharing their views by answering online surveys and being rewarded for it.It is regarded one of the best survey for all countries. You can join Planet Pulse  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$20

    Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

  • SurveySavvy:

    SurveySavvy is also very renowned survey site which offer survey for all countries.Number of surveys per month will be few but value will be high,range between $25-$75.They have good referral program too.$2 and $1 will be paid for direct and indirect per referral.But this payment will be processed only if your referral completes first survey. You can join SurveySavvy  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Cheque
    Minimum Payout-$10

  • Corpscan:

    Corp Scan Online is scion of Corp Scan Business Consultants offering solutions towards management of projects and business processes.They provide you survey to know your opinions and in return you will be paid for your opinion. Each survey you take will earn you points ranging from 02 to 50 points based on the type of survey, so the more the number of survey you take and qualify and complete it you have more chances to earn, I know people whom have earned from Rs.1000 to to Rs.5,000 per month in India and $100 to $170 elsewhere. You can join Corpscan  Here
    Payment Mode-Cash/Gifts
    Minimum Payout-$20

  • Spidermetrix:

    Spidermetrix is a unique survey site where you will be get paid for each of these activities-Registering, completing your Profile and Trial Test .For every test you are invited to do, and you accept, you will earn spiderPoints which can be redeemed for all kinds of Rewards, such as Vouchers, Cash, CDs, Books, Electronic equipment and so on. You can join Spidermetrix  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Cheque / Gifts
    Minimum Payout-$30

  • Autoinsight:

    Autoinsight is a different type of survey site.They send survey only related with auto industry but this is one of the easiest survey site to earn few bugs.There is no eligibility criteria for survey.Anyone can easily earn $10-$20 per month. You can join Autoinsight  Here
    Payment Mode-Amazon Gift
    Minimum Payout-$5

  • YourSay:

    Established in 1997, YourSay is one of the first companies in the world to help marketing and research companies worldwide gather consumer opinions via the Internet.
    Our worldwide services include:
    • Recruit and select participants for surveys conducted online, by phone, or in-person.
    • Conduct web-based surveys.
    • Contract and sub-contract qualitative and quantitative data entry and collection projects .
    Step 1 Join YourSay for FREE. We accept members from all over the world.
    Step 2 Receive emails about surveys that match your interest and country of residence. You can also forward the email to friends who might be interested.
    Step 3 Complete an online questionnaire for the surveys you'd like to participate in.
    Step 4 Participate in the surveys you were selected for. They may be conducted online, by phone, or in-person.
    Step 5 Get rewarded! You'll also get rewarded when your friends participate!
    You can join YourSay  Here
    Payment Mode-Cheque/Gifts
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • inboxdollars:

    Honest answers to survey and profile questions are vital to the integrity of the research process. We, and our clients, depend on factual information in order to make decisions about products, services and advertising — decisions that affect consumers like you. Please take your time and provide thoughtful and honest answers to profile and survey questions. Providing inaccurate or dishonest information or “speeding through surveys” may limit your eligibility to participate in future surveys.
    Compete in your favorite online games
    Choose from dozens of card, arcade, strategy, word and sports games! It's easy to start earning money:
    * Set up your FREE CA$H Games account
    * Make a cash deposit
    * Compete against other players for cash in your favorite online games!
    You can join inboxdollars  Here
    Payment Mode-Cheque
    Minimum Payout-$30

  • Ciao:

    To take part in Ciao surveys, just take us up on our offer and register today. After completing you membership sign up you will receive your first invitation very soon and start earning some money.When you register to become a Ciao member, we'll ask you a series of questions about your likes and interests. Fill in as much information as you can, because the more we know about you, the easier it will be to find a survey on a subject that interests you. As soon as an appropriate survey comes up, we will send you an invitation to participate by email. This email will contain a unique URL link that will take you straight to the questionnaire's web page. Click on the link and then fill in the questionnaire according to the instructions given. Shortly after you complete the survey, your reward will be paid into your Ciao account.You can join ciao  Here
    Available-India / Uk / Germany / Australia / Japan / France / Poland / Romania
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Gift Voucher
    Minimum Payout-$5

  • American Consumer Opinion Panel:

    To take part in American Consumer Opinion® is owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a major international marketing research firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the United States. American Consumer Opinion® is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in our paid opinion survey panel.
    # All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member.
    # If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered into a drawing for cash awards.
    # If you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift).
    # Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. Simply fill out surveys for money. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than $25.
    You can join American Consumer Opinion Panel   Here
    Payment Mode-Cheque
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • Vanderbilt:

    Join the eLab Panel for a chance to win cash prizes.Every month eLab holds a random drawing for a cash prize of $250 or more. As a registered panelist, you are eligible for the drawing. Your chance of winning increases as you participate in experiments and surveys.Additionally, if you choose to participate in an eLab experiment or survey, you are also eligible for separate drawings for cash prizes of $100 or more or, in some cases, for direct compensation. You can join Vanderbilt  Here
    Payment Mode-Cheque
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • UK Survey:

    It is easy to join ,just fill a small form and start earning.Prizes are of higher range. Join The Great UK Survey for your chance to win our major prize of £5,000 cash which is drawn every 3 months. On top of that we have weekly prizes including cash, gift vouchers, travel and more for participating in various research projects. As a member of The Great UK Survey we'll contact you from time to time about products, services, offers and to seek your opinion and feedback on various topics. Every time we make contact you'll earn more competition entries into our major and/or weekly prize draws. It's free to join and who knows...you could be our next winner! You can join UK Survey   Here
    Available-UK / Australia / Newzealand
    Payment Mode-Cash, Gift vouchers
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • Luna:

    Test products for free and give your opinion.Test & Vote To Luna is a rapid, interactive way of improving today's products, letting you hear directly from those who have designed them. Earn gift vouchers and be the lucky winner of the £350 prize by simply giving your opinion .Test products and keep them for free!!!You can join Luna  Here
    Payment Mode-Cash, Gift vouchers,Free Products
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • Panda:

    Receive Cash for Survey offers, coupons, discounts, Gifts, Rewards and giveaways, targeted to your specific needs based on how you answer our survey.Sign up for other great survey offers where you can get paid for providing your honest opinion. The type and amount of incentive vary from $5 - $35 or more and are based on the type and size of survey and offer, the respondent profile required by the contract.Free $5 Signup Bonus!! Signup Today!! You can join Panda  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$100

  • Tiktikcash:

    Want to make more money this year? Say “wow” to your new income! Make money online today! Earning opportunity of a lifetime Seriously...Earn and have fun.Tiktikcash the perfect way to earn some additional dollars by Reading E-Mail/Referring Your Friends/Playing Games/Completing Offers and more. You can join Tiktikcash  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$100

  • Permission Research:

    In exchange for agreeing to have their Internet behavior monitored, computer users who join PermissionResearch are offered various value propositions, including the ability to download screensavers or other software offerings, entry into sweepstakes, and a host of other benefits. Periodically, members are also invited to complete online surveys, which gauge their attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics.Get free games, screensavers, software in exchange for your opinion on how to improve the Internet! Free membership!And increase chance to win $100000. .You can join Permission Research  Here
    Payment Mode- Gifts / Cash prizes
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

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Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

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