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Free Paid Affiliate Programs

  • Moneycosmos:

    Moneycosmos is gaining popularity day by day.This is a nice affiliate site, particularly for Indians. All you got to do is to register there, which is free, and then, you get some links, which have your unique code, and all you have to do is to do online marketing of those links.Most of the links have some free sign ups, or free downloads, some have a sale offer as well. The more people signs up under your link, the more money you can make.To start earning money, copy the TITLE and LINK / URL written below and send it to your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. by e-mail Or paste the link on your Websites, Blogs, Communities, Forums etc. Each link contains a unique combination of numbers and alphabets, which are different for each user. Whenever anyone clicks on your link and registers with our advertiser, we will track it and credit the commission money to your account.Whenever anyone clicks on your link and registers himself with us, you will earn 20% of all his / her earnings for three months.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join Moneycosmos  Here

  • FriendFinder:

    FriendFinder has been in the personals business since 1996 and may even predate (no pun intended) Match.com and boasts at least 20 million members across the FriendFinder network. No matter what kind of traffic you have, if your visitors are looking for singles for dating, friends, intimate relationships or other activities, FriendFinder has a site that will pay you for your traffic.FriendFinder is the largest online dating personals site with 1,885,703 registered members and award-winning content. This site is targeted toward singles looking for love, romance, and even marriage. Excellent revenue for any website/blog/community like orkut and using sending mails to friends.If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join FriendFinder  Here

  • Clickbooth:

    A publisher displays an advertiser's ads, text links, or product links on their Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings. The publisher is paid a commission by the respective advertiser when a visitor clicks their Ad or takes a specific action such as filling out a form, subscribing to a service (both lead examples) or making a purchase (a sale). All you need to do is display text links / Text Ads / Banners Ads, on your website.clickbooth has varities of ad that can suit to your website and can monetize your website. If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join clickbooth  Here

  • Amazingsolution:

    Becoming an affiliate is totally Free! Get paid for visiting our advertisers sites. You choose your favorite topics of interest and we'll do the rest. They pay in cash and in points. Points can be redeemed for advertising and other service through their site. In the affiliate area, you will find several ways to earn. They offer paid e-mails, paid to click ads, both a manual and auto surf program. Get paid to signup for services provided by our advertisers and even GET PAID TO CHAT!You reach payout once you have earned $15.00 When your referrals click on an advertiser's link you will also get credit for it. They credit you for 5 referral levels.
    Level #1 = 0.01%
    Level #2 = 0.001%
    Level #3 = 0.001%
    Level #4 = 0.001%
    Level #5 = 0.001%
    If you have no website,you can get free domain and free web hosting services here,Click here .You can join 365jobs4u  Here

  • Sacmoney:

    To place our affiliate links on your site and Earn Money, you'll need to locate the link you like, then generate the affiliate link HTML and place it within your web page. You must use the generated HTML in its exact form in order to receive money for referring visitors that click these affiliate links. Altering the link code may affect the link tracking and result in lost referrals and commissions.REFER YOUR FRIENDS AND EARN MONEY!!! You can join Sacmoney  Here

  • Shareasale:

    Shareasale is budding big affiliate program and currently it is supposed one of the best affiliate program in market. They have varieties of ad which suit all types of websites.They have referral program too. REFER YOUR FRIENDS AND WEBMASTERS AND EARN MONEY!!!You can join Shareasale  Here

  • Clixgalore:

    Clixgalore affiliate is one of the best affiliate program in Internet marketing and affilate program category.They have vast advertisement programs that can boost your website and can help you to earn good money.You can earn through referral also. You can join Clixgalore  Here

  • eOneNet:

    I have not much idea about this affiliate program but I tried to gather information from their site. eOneNet offers everything you need to sell online. Earn up to US$329 from just ONE SALE, plus get 2-tier commissions too. No.1 Internet marketing coach, eOneNet.com brings you proven strategies to make money online, website builder software, e-Commerce merchant account and online payment, guaranteed top search engines ranking and placement in Google, Yahoo! (SEO), email marketing software, integrated online advertising, and Internet marketing coaching. Get free internet marketing articles for entrepreneurs wishing to start an internet business, including make money from home business ideas, and online marketing strategies. eOneNet, the No.1 Internet Marketing Asia company has offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. You can join eOneNet  Here

  • Paydotcom:

    This affiliate program is the best suited for both webmaster and non-webmaster.To join this program,you don't need to have website.It is quite simple ,just you have to advertise their products.There is huge benifit per sale.Anyone can earn 2000$ per momth easily with consistent effort.REFER YOUR FRIENDS AND EARN MONEY TOO!!! You can join Sacmoney  Here

  • Profitistic:

    This is also a good affiliate program.It is growing.They have also good resources and varities of ad that is fruitful for your website.You can earn extra money through refer to other webmaster and friend. You can join Profitistic  Here

  • Chitika:

    New Chitika is wonderful and has many features.It has monetized websites and helped webmaster to earn more money using chitika.The Publisher Referral Program rewards you for bringing new business to Chitika. Refer new Publishers to Chitika's eMiniMalls service and earn 10% of what your referral earns as well as Earn $25.00 for every $100.00 in ad spent by referral advertiser. The referral makes the same revenue that they would normally and Chitika pays you for your efforts. It's that simple!It pays you 30 days following the end of the month through paypal or check.You can join Chitika  Here

  • PerformancingAds:

    PerformancingAds concept is ome how different but it is an amazing to monetize website.The publisher makes money by selling ads and the advertiser makes money by building brands and converting traffic. A publisher that sends more convertable traffic and reaches more readers will naturally make more money.It has good referral program-get $10 per publisher or advertiser plus 5% extra of advertiser's ad value.It pays through paypal.You can join PerformancingAds  Here

  • WuTravel:

    WuTravel is one of the best affiliate program I have found.It is the best for bloggers,forum,article writers and webmasters.It pays per click .3 to .4 US dollar if Any visitors from your site clicks any hotel partners booking links on their sites.Payment mode will be check and will be paid every month at 25th.But Cons of this affiliate program is minimum payout is $500.It has also good referral program to earn extra.You can join WuTravel  Here

  • Link Vault:

    Anyone can join Link Vault, providing they have a good quality website to add to the network and make adverts / link spaces available on part or all of the website.Gathering quality, permanent links and adverts to your website can be very tiresome and the cost of buying such adverts soon builds up. By joining Link Vault you allocate a certain number of advert / link spaces on your website for Link Vault to place links, and in return Link Vault?s other members display your adverts and links. This is an automated service that costs you nothing.Link Vault gives you 5% of the Vaultage of the new account you have referred You can join Link Vault  Here

  • TNX:

    TNX is somehow standard affiliate program.Each and every website is not permitted for TNX.When you refer webmasters to TNX, you get 13.3% (as long as your account is active) of all TNX-points that are generated by their websites. In addition, you will receive 5% of all payments, made by referred advertiser (this option will work after paypal payments will be automated).You can cash out your TNX points into Dollar.You can join TNX  Here

  • AdBrite:

    AdBrite can help you monetize your site with advertising that fits the content and user base of your site. Their base of advertisers includes top brands like Live Nation, GM, AT&T and Verizon—at the same time, AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pages daily, providing massive scale opportunities.Full transparency and control Optimize results with full transparency and control.Bottom line, you’ll earn more than with the standard options provided by most ad networks. They have referral program also.You can join AdBrite  Here

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