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  • MySecretSound:

    MySecretSound is a truly unique website whereby people from all around the world can win up to $10,000 instantly for guessing a Secret Sound.MySecretSound invites you to try and win up to $10,000. Just listen to the sound clip, and guess what it is. What are you waiting for? GUESS NOW! You can join MySecretSound  Here

    MySecretSound.com - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

  • MyLot:

    Earn Money Using myLot - $$$. We want people like you to help our website explode, and to reward you we will pay you every time you use myLot!.This is punch line of myLot program and this program has changed life of thousand people. Now it's your chance to make your life pleasant and enjoyful. MyLot is a growing community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, meeting new people, and helping each other out. We want you to join our community! Experience the internet in a whole new way.
    You will get paid for :
    1. Posting a discussion on Mylot
    2. Responding to other people’s discussion
    3. Uploading any pictures on Mylot
    .You can join MyLot  Here

  • BlackBook2:

    BlackBook2.com wants to say thank you to it's members for helping to make our community what it is today and what it will be in the future. In doing so BlackBook2.com will giveaway $100 US dollars to one male and one female every month for a year.To be eligible you have to fill out your profile and include a picture. Every month(US est)one male and one female with eligible profiles will be randomly selected by our selection committee and will be notified by e-mail. The winning profiles will then be featured on the frontpage the following month.You can join BlackBook2  Here

  • Ibibo:

    Ibibo Web (P) Ltd., under its parent company Naspers, a multi-million dollar media conglomerate based out of South Africa; was set up in India in August 2006, and in January 2007, it launched a new set of user-generated content services that empower users to share, express and discover.ibibo’s focus is towards consumer based internet- social media and search engines, and mobile products, targeted at the Indian consumer. YES WE ARE INDIA CENTRIC!!!! Reflecting this Mission is ibibo’s value of: “I Build, I Bond”: Empowering the User to Create, Build, Express, Share and Network.Ibibo.com, the social media brand, offers a bouquet of web based products such as Blogging, Networking, Polls, Opinions, Answers etc. Within a short span, ibibo has garnered a critical mass of Indian community and as per comScore Media Metrix (Audience Measurement Division), ibibo is one of India’s leading top blogging sites.Write reviews of products and services,Give answers to people's questions,Share information and ideas -Earn money..You can join Ibibo  Here

  • Mginger:

    Get relevant ads.
    Get ads at your convenience.
    Get exclusive discounts & offers.
    Be smart !
    Be informed !!
    Free up your mobile phone bill.
    Get useful information on the move.
    Earn money for reading ads on your mobile.
    Save money through discount coupons and offers.
    Free up your mobile phone bill. Get useful information on the move. Earn money for reading ads on your mobile. Save money through discount coupons and offers. Get 20 paisa for every ad you receive. Get 10 paisa for every ad your friends receive. Get 5 paisa for every ad your friend's friends receive. Accumulate Rs. 300 and receive a cheque.You can join Mginger  Here

  • YouMint:

    YouMint is backed by international investors of great fame and the same guys who started the mobile short code revolution in India!
    1. Invite your friends. Earn FREE Cash!
    2. Get them to invite theirs. Earn even MORE cash!
    3. Get your friends and their friends to receive SMS promos. Earn EVEN MORE Cash.
    4. Connect with your friends on the YouMint community. See earnings multiply!
    It has never been easier to make money!!
    .You can join YouMint  Here

  • Topstock:

    Create a FREE TopStocks account, and go into the draw to win $5000 worth of share trading and investment products from The Australian Stock Report.This is very simple and totally free ,sign up a small form and be a part of Topstock.Once you sign up,you will be eligible for $5000.You can sign up Topstock   Here

  • Owensclickplace:

    Owenclickplace is good site to earn $5 easily daily.They provide alot of programs to complete.They have paid to read,paid to sign up, chance to win jackpot and one of the best referral system.Earn 20% of your Level 1 Referral Earnings Lifetime, Earn 5% of your Level 2 Referral Earnings Lifetime and Earn 5% of your Level 1 Referral Purchases Lifetime.Minimum payout is only $5 through Paypalor e-gold. You can join Owensclickplace  Here

  • Homepageearning:

    This is very unique program and anyone can earn easily 1-2 dollar.People enjoy to visit forum and post their stuff or write comments on any thread.Here you will be paid for what you post and also you will get paid for your referral.They have 5 level deep referral program.You can join Homepageearning  Here

  • Subvert and Profit:

    This is most lucrative program currently.They have currently five types of program to paid-Paid to digg,paid to stumble,paid to watch youtube video,paid for itunes,paid for ilike.Earning per activity range from $.6-.75 and it does not take more than 1-2 minutes.Minimum payout is $10 through Alertpay. You can join Subvert and Profit  Here

  • UniqPaid:

    UniqPaid Online Rewards Program! Our members earn Real Cash by Signing Up for Free Offers, Visiting sites, Reading Emails, Shoping Online and more...So start earning,don't wait to join,join now. You can join UniqPaid  Here

  • UniqueRewards:

    UniqueRewards-Internet Marketing Company, offers the best deals and the best possible Internet services to its members. We reward our members for taking part in the excellent and unique offers of our partners. Our Members earn Real Cash doing what they like to do! Sign up for our free unique offers, visit great sites, read e-mails, shop online, and more... And then they will get Cash Rewards! Join to our affiliate program and get paid $2.00 for each new registered US or Canada member! Our program is totally free for our members! New member need to complete the short form and then confirm registration. So, we pay $2.00 for each US or Canada free & easy lead. Sign up and enjoy our great conversion rates! You can join UniqueRewards  Here

  • Head2head Trivia:

    Here you have to do is answer a simple question! 'Yeah Baby! Yeah!' was said by Austin Powers or James Bond? There are monthly draws with a prize of $1,000 each as well as a major draw, where someone will win either $10,000 or $100,000!Get an entry into the prize draw by answering the question online. Then test your skill at playing the Head 2 Head Trivia game. You’ll get a new Trivia question from us every day! When you answer, you’ll be matched up against an opponent and play a 5 question ‘Head 2 Head’ round against them. Each game you finish will get you another entry in the draw. There are monthly draws with a prize of $1,000 each as well as a major draw, where someone will win either $10,000 or $100,000! You can join Head2head Trivia  Here

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