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  • To earn money online is quite easy,no doubt but it seeks patience and wii teset you regularly.if you are willing to earn good money,it seeks your dedication,patience and effort.There is not even a single program that can make you rich within a minute.My words to all Internet marketer,keep patience.

  • If you are quite serious to earn good money,you sign up all programs mentioned on this site.

  • There is no shortcut method or work 15 minutes daily and earn 1000$.You need to give more time to earn more money.

  • If you have basic knowledge of computer,design own free website.You can get free domain and free web hosting services here.Click here

  • Go to our affiliate section,sign up most of affiliate programs.Then paste advertisement at your site.Each click can pay you.

  • Don't click on your own website advertisement,otherwise you will loose your affiliation and you will not be paid.They track your every click and even register your own system IP address.Beware .....

  • To receive payment internationally,sign up for pay pal account.It is free to sign up and worldwide accepted.You can sign up for pay pal account Here

  • Join few good affiliate programs,Earn good money even by single click on your link or you can send your link to all of your friends to check.You can sign up for affiliate programs at Here!

  • Tips Google Adsense -
    • Paste Ads: Copy & paste Adsense Ads to a suitable position on your webpage or blog content wherever attract visitors to click the Ads.

    • Sense your Ads : Make the border and background color of your ads shall be same as website background color. By this way your ad will give sense your website content and you can easily increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). Higher CTR leads higher revenue.

    • Monitor: Create URL Channels for all your websites, if possible for each page. This is very important, because to improve your earnings you need to know where you stand on impression, CTR and earnings of each page.

    • Placement of Ads: Best place to put your ads is TOP of the page. Second best is within the content. If you are using blog you can put your ads in the SIDEBAR. Monitor the CTR of each Ad Units by creating custom channels.

    • Focus on single topic : When you create a website always focus on a single topic, not even give links to other websites that doesn't fit your topic. Reason for doing so is, the ads appearing on your website will be different than your topic, and "Click on a Ad which is different than your topic will have a very low cost (CPC of $0.01)".

    • Utilize all Ad units : As per Adsense terms and conditions you can put 3 Ad units, 1 Link unit and 2 search boxes. Use all of them wisely in all your webpages.

    • Don'ts : (a) You never ever click on Adsense ads from your computer or never said others to click on Ads. This is against their violation of the agreement. Google have tracking softwares to find & they will disable your account if you do so. (b) Don't try to get traffic from traffic exchanges and autosurfs. (c) Always keep an eye on your CTR. Sudden increase in your CTR will raise an alarm to the Google Adsense team to investigate.

  • You are good in any field and have bundle of resources,you can start your own blog and earn money.You can get more information in free paid programs

  • Tips for Survey -
    • Download first free Roboform tools.It will help you to complete and sign up survey faster and save your time which will result more money in less time.Download from this location
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    • Join as many as survey and complete your profiles as soon as possible to get survey soon.

    • Open a single account at each survey,more than one account can lead to terminate your account.So beware...

    • During filling of survey,write your same profiles that you have mentioned during registration.

    • Don't hesitate to take Google help if you are not getting anything while filling survey.

    • Fill most of the columns during registration to get more survey.

    • Refer your friends about survey to get referral bonus.

  • Tips for Paid to Read(PTR) Programs-
    • Join as many as paid mails,PTR,paid to click and paid to read programs.

    • Refer your friends about those programs.

    • Visit all programs continiously to maintain your accounts active . Generally,many PTR sites terminate account being inactive after 90 days.

    • Open all PTR sites together and start clicking all mails so that you can earn more money within 10-15 minutes.This is my best technique.Within 15-30 minutes,we earn $2-$5 through PTR using above tricks.

  • Tips for Affiliate programs-
    • Join only the best and your website content matched affiliate programs.

    • Arrange affiliate codes in proper way.Change codes according to your site font and colour.

    • Concentrate on email marketing also to get good result,if possible write blog for affiliate programs.

  • Don't waste your time at deceptive programs like earn $1000 in 15 minutes.There is no such kind of way and business.Concentrate yourself to genuine paid programs.

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