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Paid for Video

  • BuzzShed:

    There are many programs now in industry which pay to watch videos.So,you don't waste your time to watch video in free or pay for videos.Here,you can select your minimum per video charge also.When you refer new advertisers to BuzzShed, you earn 10% commission on all purchases that advertiser makes. So for a $1000 campaign, you get $100 to your account immediately. You can join BuzzShed  Here

  • Subvert and Profit:

    This is the best paid to watch video programs.It pays minimum $.6 per video you watch.Except video,it offers other programs also so you earn more through other way also.You can join Subvert and Profit  Here

  • Sellingppp:

    This is not a sales pitch and there is nothing to buy. There is no squeeze page that is designed to sell you anything later either.This is an event that you should know about...First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on an advertisement.Billions of dollars are being spent by big brand advertisers and they are ready to pay you. Will you claim your share of the pie?You can join Sellingppp  Here

  • Shutterstock:

    With top quality video material, a user-friendly interface, and an affordable cost structure, Shutterstock Footage is the newest resource for royalty-free video clips on the web. Submitters earn 30% of the final sale price of their approved clips, and now if you refer a clip to us you will earn a commission of 10% each time that clip is sold.Now you can earn a referral commission of 10% each time a footage clip from a submitter you referred to Shutterstock is sold.Submit Footage Clips to Shutterstock and make $$$!You can join Shutterstock  Here

  • Newsroom:

    If you have video clips and want to share among people and also you want to earn money.Then this site is perfect for you. You can join Newsroom  Here

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