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Compare prices at thousands of stores and pay less on your shopping.

  • Ipsos survey:

    Ipsos Access Panels took up the interactive challenge and created its Online Panel. It's a new way of answering surveys and you just need to have a PC connected to the Internet as well as a private e-mail address.You'll earn reward points for the surveys you take – points can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise from popular retailers.You get a chance to win $5000 cash just for joining plus members get chances to win many other great prizes. You can join ipsos survey  Here
    Available- USA
    Payment Mode-Gift Cards / Cash
    Minimum Payout-$10

  • Survey adventures:

    Survey Adventure is a little different from the majority of the other companies because instead of giving you cash money you earn points which you get gift cards for. Survey Adventure claims to be one of the few companies that actually allows it's users to "Really make $150.00 an hour by taking paid surveys".All you need to do to sign up is create a demographic profile.You can join Survey adventures  Here
    Available- USA
    Payment Mode-Gift Cards / Cash
    Minimum Payout-$10

  • New Zealand Survey:

    The Great New Zealand Survey collects detailed demographic, lifestyle and purchasing data on consumers.Consumers choose to complete the survey and choose how much or how little personal and purchasing information they want to share with us.Join now and chance to win $5000 only for sign up.You can join New Zealand Survey   Here
    Payment Mode-Gift Cards / Cash
    Minimum Payout-$20

  • Paidsurvey4u:

    Would You Like to Earn up to $150 per hour? Get paid for your opinion! Earn as much as $150 to fill out online surveys from home. Make Your Opinions Count! Influence decision makers worldwide. You can join Paidsurvey4u   Here
    Payment Mode-Gift Cards / Cash
    Minimum Payout-$20

  • Opinion Outpost survey:

    What’s your opinion? Join the Opinion Outpost survey research panel and start earning cash for sharing it. You earn Opinion Points redeemable for cash for each survey you complete. Join our community and make your opinion count. Membership is free. You can join Opinion Outpost survey   Here
    Available-USA / Canada
    Payment Mode-Cash / Sweepstakes
    Minimum Payout-$10

  • Brandinstitute:

    It is survey program-sign as customer or healthcare that is also free.There is no fee to join. The amount of payment for a study varies depending on the nature of the study. The general range is $5 - $75. Factors that go into payment amounts include (but are not limited to): turnaround time, length of survey, sample characteristics, type of product/service, etc. We have done our best to make our surveys accessible to the widest range of participants. You shouldn't have a problem completing surveys if you have a web-browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape) less than 3 years old. You can join Brandinstitute  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$10

  • Myview:

    By signing up to receive surveys, you will have the opportunity to share your opinions and feedback on varying topics with leading market research companies. The process will start with MyView sending you an invitation to a survey.This is the one of the best survey site. You can join myview  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$25

  • Planetpanel:

    PlanetPanel conducts research regarding a wide range of subjects. We may ask for your opinion on different products and services, technology or the Internet, government and politics, leisure time and sports, and so forth.PlanetPanel uses questions with fixed answer options which, when put together for a survey, give an accurate representation of the opinions of the individuals surveyed around the world.PlanetPanel keeps the surveys as short as possible. An average survey contains twenty questions; answering them usually takes about ten to twenty minutes. Longer surveys will occasionally appear and we do our best to compensate you appropritely if a survey is particularly lengthy. You will be one step closer to becoming a $1,000 monthly grand prizewinner or one of many $50 winners! You can join planetpanel  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • Advisory panel:

    The advisory panel was founded in 1995 and consists of a group of individuals located worldwide who have agreed to give their opinions on a variety of topics, ranging from social and healthcare issues to fashion and food. You will be notified by email about surveys you can take.They randomly award 10 prizes of $100 for every survey. Only those who complete the questions for a survey are eligible for awards.Prize winners are chosen from among those who respond by the deadline for a given topic, usually one week from the time it is sent out. All prizes are chosen randomly from among those responding.Winners are notified by e-mail. All prizes are to winners via PayPal or a check by mail. You can join Advisory panel   Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Cheque
    Minimum Payout-$5

  • Esearch:

    Your opinions are very important and they help shape the products and services of the future. We invite you to be part of this special group of consumers by joining our On-line Panel. Your Opinions Count!! As a panelist, you will represent consumers' needs and opinions similar to yours – to companies nationwide. Your participation and feedback will shape the way many companies alter their existing products and services and develop new ideas to better serve your needs. Panel members are invited to voice new insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics. Manufacturers will look toward you for feedback on product performance, styling, features, slogans and pricing – just to name a few. In addition, our panelists find that answering surveys can be fun and interesting.After you decide to join our panel, we invite you to visit the Demographic Profile Section of our site. This simple survey is used to collect basic background information about your household and its interests. You can join Esearch  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Cheque
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • Floxter:

    Solve simple tasks online and get paid!Refer your friends and get paid!Even you can earn through suggestion and daily bumper sweepstakes.Receive reward payments via PayPal or donate your reward to support a charitable project of one of our charity partners World Vision, Greenpeace and UNO. You can join Floxter  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here) / Cheque
    Minimum Payout-$5

  • Hotspex:

    Becoming an Innovator is easy, quick, and FREE. Hotspex only asks for a few pieces of necessary information to get you involved in the innovation of leading brands and earning points to win prizes, donate to charities, and swap for points, miles, and gift certificates. You can join Hotspex  Here
    Payment Mode-Gift Certificate / Sweepstakes Entry
    Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • NPD Group:

    The NPD Group provides consumer and retail information and insights for a wide range of industries. Panelists living in the United States can participate in our SweepLand program, which is available exclusively to NPD Online Research panelists. Members earn points for completing surveys, and each point is worth one entry into an exciting sweepstakes of your choice and panelists living outside of the United States will automatically be entered into three sweepstakes upon completion of a survey. You can join NPD Group  Here
    Payment Mode-Cash / Sweepstakes entry / Gifts Minimum Payout-Not applicable

  • SnapDollars:

    Snapdollars is a different type of site having not only paid survey moreover they will provide you extra earning chances through paid mails,paid sign up and various offers.You can easily earn $10-20 daily by just signing simple offer or filling survey.You can join SnapDollars  Here
    Payment Mode-Cheque
    Minimum Payout-$40

  • YourFreeSurveys:

    YourFreeSurveys contains most reliable paid survey sites information as well as they provide survey to USA citizen only.But you can join other paid survey sites that yourfreesurveys refers to you and in return you will be get paid.Register now and get bonus $4.You can join YourFreeSurveys  Here
    Payment Mode-Paypal(Open free Paypal account here)
    Minimum Payout-$30

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